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Carbon Palm Cleaver / Ebony & Micarta

Carbon Palm Cleaver / Ebony & Micarta

This is a 4.5" inch Carbon Steel Palm Cleaver "W2" Blade fitted with a Wa-octagonal handle.  This carbon blade material works well for professional chefs as well as home chefs.  W2 offers incredible edge retention and toughness and when properly cared for will last a lifetime.  This blade features a bloodline or fuller to promote better food release with root vegetables and other ingredients higher up on the blade.  This blade also has a subtle hamon which is mainly aesthetic and looks like a torch emitting from the handle.  The hamon was formed by using a clay layer inhibiting the steel below it from becoming hardened and allows for more shock resistantance directly above the bolster. 


The handle is made from ebony, micarta, and exhibition grade faux ivory.  This is an Fire Knives custom handle uses the best assets of a "traditional japanese handle".   It is faceted and ergonomic which makes it suprisingly comfortable even after hours of use.  I used this style handle as a sushi chef and never had any issues with cramping or hot spots.  This handle is designed to fit all types of gripping styles and hand sizes.  


All Knife blades are profiled, rough ground, heat treated, cryo treated, tempered, final ground and hand sharpened personally by myself in the workshop.  All of my handles are custom one of a kind and made by hand from locally sourced hardwoods.  I design, stabilize, shape, epoxy, sand and finish each handle individually to make it an original one of a kind product.  Thanks for looking!


    Due to the delicate nature of this knife, please do not cut frozen foods, wash in a dishwasher, twist the knife when removing it from food or use the knife in any other rough manner that may damage the blade.  If you follow these precautions and take care of your knife correctly, it should last you many years.


    If you are dissatisfied with any of our Fire Knives products then we will make sure the situaition is made right.

    Damage from shipping

    if there are any problems with your order, please notify us within 48 hours of receipt of shipment.  Fire Knives cannot be responsible for claims made after 48 hours. For breakage resulting from carrier transit, please keep the entirety of original item(s) as well as all packaging and packing materials for 30 days for future inspection by carrier. Please take photo(s) of all damaged goods for Fire Knives to honor your claim.

    Placing an order indicates your acceptance of our return policy listed below:

    • Merchandise can only be returned or exchanged if it is in its original packaging and condition within 14 days to receive a refund or exchange.
    • If upon return, items are found to be damaged, they will not be accepted or credited.
    • If you return an item with a gift receipt, you will receive a refund in the form of store credit.
    • Please send all items for return through UPS, USPS or FedEx with insurance and tracking number.
    • Placing an order indicates your acceptance of our return policy.
    • Knives sharpened at customer's request, left hand converted, engraved, used or special custom ordered are not eligible for return or exchange.
    • Import orders, special orders and clearance items are not eligible for return or exchange.
    • Fire Knives does not accept returns, exchanges or refunds of saya covers. All sales of saya are final.
    • Customer is responsible for return shipping charges. Please pack with care upon returning.




    Free shipping with the purchase of a Rogue or Ronin series knife. If you need expedited shipping please contact Fire Knives via email and we will add expedited shipping costs to complete transaction. Please indicate any other special requests in the additional comments section of your online check-out page.

  • Build Time & Supply Chain

    This knife is available now and will be shipped within 2 days of purchase.

  • "Conditions of Sale" Liability / Legal Disclaimer

    It is the responsibility of the buyer/owner to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, ferderal and international laws regarding to the purchase, possession, and/or use, of all Fire Knives products.  The buyer/owner represents that they, he or she is of legal age and that the products made by Fire Knives will be used in a lawful manner.  Fire knives assumes no responsibility or liability for damage or injury as a result from use or misuse and any harm, injury, or unlawful use resulting from the sale, trade, use, travel or handling of any products from Fire Knives.  It is the responsibility of the buyer/owner to handle all Fire Knives products he/she purchases with are and its intended use as a tool.  

    Fire Knives, its subsidiaries, parent companies, divisions, heirs, employees, shareholders and other entitles WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OF ANY KIND ARISINF FROM THE USE OF THIS SITE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.  Let it be known that when making a purchase from Fire Knives that you  "the buyer" agree to all the "Conditions of Sale"

    Fire Knives does not sell illegal switchblades or automatic knives of any kind.  

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